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»It is a given that every child has the right to experience the arts.« 

Artistic Director Young at the Opera


»It is a given that every child has the right to experience the arts,« says Young at the Opera’s (Unga på Opera) artistic director, Ellen Lamm, »and the disciplines we specialize in at Operan are well suited to young audiences as music, song and movement stir our emotions. You don’t need any previous knowledge to become swept away by opera and ballet, it goes straight to the heart, musically and visually. This autumn, Young at the Opera presents Fly Wherever You Want, a brand new production directed at 10-12-year-olds. A wild journey through seven musical worlds that attempt to make death more comprehensible. Acrobats, opera singers and musicians share the stage in front of a dynamic set.

Young at the Opera will also continue producing the popular web series The Magical House that takes children between 6 and 10 on a tour behind the scenes of all the marvelous, magical things that take place in the opera house. A warm welcome to this unique house!«

One of the Royal Swedish Opera’s most important missions is to put on exciting performances for children and young people, and to make it possible for them to pursue culture. During the last ten years Young at the Opera has been and continue to be the state-of-the-art for opera and ballet in Sweden.


Every season we create opera and dance performances for children and young people.


In addition to exciting performances, we also throw open the doors of the Opera House to Kids’ Saturdays, school holiday activities and family days. The activities we offer vary from guided tours of the Opera House and trying on costumes to mini performances and concerts.


Young at the Opera also engages in active school outreach, and our educational programme offers both short and long-term projects, one of which is part of the Skapande skola (Creative School) programme. We also arrange field trips to the Opera House and teachers’ evenings, and we schedule weekend and holiday activities, host family days and put on special performances for school groups.


We have released the tickets for the autumn's first Children's Saturdays. Tickets for the remaining Children's Saturdays and holiday activities will be released on September 6.

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