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Pointe shoes are dancers’ most important tool. They wear out up to three pairs of shoes during one single performance or rehearsal. Dancing in worn out shoes increases the risk of injury and could jeopardize an entire career. The Royal Swedish Ballet consumes approximately 1,000 pairs of shoes per season at a total cost of SEK 500,000.

Our appeal aims to partly finance the cost of one year’s supply of pointe shoes. Through this appeal, we also create engagement and are able to spread information about pointe shoes as a tool.

In recognition of your contribution

All who contribute to the Pointe Shoe Appeal receives a gift.

  • For SEK 200 or more, you will receive a pair of used pointe shoes signed by one of our dancers.
  • For SEK 300 or more you can chose either a pointe shoe charm or a brooch with the Royal Swedish Opera emblem.
  • For a gift of SEK 500 or more you will receive a brooch with the charm attached.

Your gift can be claimed from the Royal Opera box office when the Opera House reopens. If you live outside Stockholm, you can have it sent to your home address for the price of the postage.

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No GIFT is too small.
What will your

  • SEK 500: One pair of pointe shoes
  • SEK 1,000: Two pairs of pointe shoes – one dancer’s consumption during one performance
  • SEK 5,000: Ten pairs of pointe shoes – one week’s rehearsals for one dancer
  • SEK 13,500: Pointe shoes for all 26 female dancers during a performance of Sleeping Beauty

Larger donations can be paid into BG: 5109-5032

For more information about the Pointe Shoe Appeal, please contact cecilia.canemyr@operan.se